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7 Oct

A couple weeks ago, Sam Sklover at approached me about the possibility of mixing some vinyl for his blog/culture/clothing site, based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He had only one stipulation: limit my selections to five of the funkiest cuts in my crates. Naturally, I was eager to participate. I had listened to the previous guest mixes on his FunkinAround5 Soundcloud series and was impressed at how each contributor diverged in his personal understanding of the “funky” superlative.

This mix gave me the opportunity to blend some songs that have long been solid companions in my play box at local gigs but never featured on my regular mixes. Sam Sklover has been curating his Soundcloud account with diverse talents, searching globally for top-rate crate-diggers. In keeping with his international initiative, I’ve selected tracks that showcase musicians from Detroit, North Carolina, Jamaica (x2), and France. I’m currently withholding the playlist because there are some rare monstrosities on this mini-compilation. But if you’re really digging the synthfunk/island disco/afrobeat vibes, drop me a comment and I might be able to help you out.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my frequent collaborator Isaac B-Tips Goldszer for cleaning up the audio on my live recording and finding better blends. With his finesse at audio production, he always makes me sound like a better DJ than I could manage alone.

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