Bobby & The Innkeepers – World of Fantasy

11 Jul


“Strange as it may seem,” this terrific garage band from Seattle found a Northern (U.K.) audience in the 80s, but I haven’t heard their surly psych-soul arrangement played anywhere except DJ Chak’s St. Petersburg podcast, recorded in 2007.

It’s a marvel to me that these guys could move so quickly from “a little story… all about me,” pouting over life’s hardness with the kind of whiny indignation best reserved for one having just stubbed his toe, to a mystical sense of peace with the universe. The complete journey from self-pity to clarity takes about 150 seconds. By the end, Bobby & The Innkeepers play as shepherds for the rest of us, promising that “one day” we’ll reach our “destination.”

The song narrative’s unanticipated astral trajectory reminds me–perhaps inevitably–of a song that was also recorded in 1967 and features a likewise crowded suite of musicians: “A Day in the Life.” Where The Beatles patched their crack-up opus with orchestral glissandos, Bobby’s band lugged out a humble organ and tambourine. Despite the hominess of their recording, the Seattle group nearly rivals the Liverpudlians in sonic density. They almost manage the same theatrical segmentation in the flow of lyrical ideas. But what makes “World of Fantasy” a notable achievement–besides these near-brushes with baroque pop immortality–is that they’ve clocked their single in less than half the time.

If The Beatles’ mad, recessional march recalls a pied-piper waltz into a sea of television static, Bobby & The Innkeepers offer a wry thematic return to the beginning.

One Response to “Bobby & The Innkeepers – World of Fantasy”

  1. Stefan July 17, 2013 at 5:11 am #

    Thanks for info mate. I’ve just added a copy of this one with no idea of who was Bobby & The Inkeepers. Just that they came from Seatle.

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