Plaid Stamps

7 Dec

Plaid Stamps

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A collection of all-time classic, polyester monster jams, these psych-soul songs traverse themes of lost love and cosmic impermanence. Recorded in rented or makeshift home studios, each single on this mix burns from the underground circuit of regional funk-rock outposts, from Florida to Queens. While some like Moses Dillard had small but measurable success, recording for Curtom Records, the majority never developed commercially beyond intermittent touring and private press vinyl releases. Despite having limited contact with one another, the various bands on this mix expressed similar influences, absorbing The Temptations along with Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight.

These musicians also came of age at a peculiar time, in the ever-mounting anxiety of Civil Rights assassinations and social fracturing over Vietnam. A sense of deep cynicism or amazement seems to urge every stomping whammy jam on this compilation. Tapping common sonic resources–like throttled horns and garbage-buzzing guitars–the musicians featured here remind me of indie rock’s aesthetic consistency, circa Bee Thousand. Misleading phenotypes aside, both scenes, early 90s indie and rare 70s soul, do share an uncommon and startling basic sincerity or sometimes not exclusively, apathy. The self-consciousness that results when these emotional drifts collide gives us strange masterpieces like “The Unforgiven,” “After We’re Gone,” and twenty years later, “Hot Freaks.”

The Plaid Stamps soundscape should be familiar to most FunkRunt listeners. I have a ready fondness for broken, repetitive riffs laid under barbiturate meditations on regret. In a sense, this deep soul mix completes a genre-exploring cycle that began with my blog’s inaugural post, I Don’t Mind. I’ll always be mining similar territory, but my next posts will cover new sounds, ranging from mod to post-punk.

I owe a big thanks to Numero Group for their timely Omnibus release. Several songs that I have been hunting for years appeared in their 45 box set. I highly recommend splurging for the whole thing.

Track List:
1. Laurene LaVallis – Key to Our Love
2. Stone Creations – Hands on a Golden Key
3. Darling Dears – And I Love You
4. The Halleluiah Chorus – I’ve Got to Find a Way
5. Nick Allen – Hard Way to Go
6. Joey Irving & Just Us – There’s a Man
7. Power of Attorney – Changing Man
8. Sag War Fare – Don’t Be So Jive
9. The America People – Give it Up If You Can’t Do Nothing With It
10. Scorpio & His People – The Unforgiven
11. Free Mind – After We’re Gone (The World Keeps Turning)
12. H. Andrews Congregation – I’ve Got to Find Myself Another Girl
13. Gloria Walker – Walking With My New Love
14. The Creators – Why, Why, Why
15. Moses Dillard – I’ve Got to Find a Way, pt. 2
16. Uptown Syndicate – You’re a Woman
17. Moses Dillard – We Gotta Come Together
18. Total Unity – I’m Taking a Stroll With the One I Adore

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