Touch Me

14 Feb

Download Here.

This is the season of the slow jam.

I don’t usually blend my mixes to honor specific holidays, but Valentine’s Day comes as a prime occasion to deploy my smoothest slow jams.

Recorded from the late 70s to early 80s, most of these tracks have been cut and sampled countless times in popular hip hop and contemporary R&B. There’s good reason for the ubiquity of the beat; each song slinks along with an understated, unrelenting sensual flow. With the steady repetition of recognizable samples, usually delivered eight bars at a time, these jams will lodge in your head like a persistent throb. Listening to the long-form originals, you’ll hear the sweetest transitions, tonal modulations, and baroque soul excrescences that your favorite producers–Premo, Dilla, Jay-Z–forgot on the cutting room floor.

As a total package, Touch Me opens with clear intentions, takes a few dives in silly elation, and proceeds with a serious consummation of modern soul.

Track List:
1. Greg Perry – Come on Down
2. Wee – Try Me
3. Nancy Wilson – I’m In Love
4. Midnight Movers Unlimited – Lost for Words
5. Syreeta – Black Maybe
6. Deniece Williams – Free
7. Delegation – Oh Honey
8. Rene & Angela – Imaginary Playmates
9. Minnie Ripperton – Inside My Love
10. Flavor – One Way Ticket
11. Ronnie McNeir – Wendy is Gone
12. Michael Jackson – The Lady in My Life
13. Leon Ware – Rockin’ You Eternally

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