This Child Is Sick!

15 Sep

Here, you’ll find the heaviest kicks, the biggest drops, and the most blistering solos. Name your fetishistic funk fantasy, and I will serve your needs. If you take a less discerning (obsessive) approach to music, this compilation might please for different reasons: Is there anything more satisfying than hearing a hometown hero bust a groove on a 45 he never thought the world would find?

These guys didn’t have the internet in 1967. They didn’t know that forty years after they cut an album with their army buddies in Frankfurt, I would be trailing their acoustic footprints in binary code. Some of the original records on this mix sell for a lot of money ($3000+). I make no claims at having unearthed them or even owning them on vinyl. The sacral link between the performers and the audio files I enjoy has dissolved.

Let the ministerial collectors and curators cast their judgment on matters regarding digital provenance. I have been waiting a long time to share this mix because, quite simply, it contains some of the heaviest music I have ever heard. (“Heaviness” was actually my only criterion for inclusion.) Throughout the years, I’ve been setting tracks aside that I had deemed too heavy for other mixes. The sequestered songs accumulated until I had more than enough material for a release, but then another question began to gnaw at me: Is this really the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard? Poring over an endless series of torrent files, I began to doubt myself.

As the mix came together, I had to make some concessions–inevitably–for variety, transitions, and concision. Still, I feel like I’ve staked a lot on “This Child is Sick!” Honestly, this is the closest approximation of my psych-funk ideal. I hope you enjoy it.

Track List:
1. Unknown – Spring Concert ’67 (Intro)
2. Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer – Funky Thing Pt. 1
3. Black on White Affair – A Bunch of Changes
4. Crazy Elephant – Dark Part of My Mind
5. Lee Moses – Never In My Life
6. Gloria Barnes – She Wants A Stand In
7. East of Underground – Smiling Faces
8. Black Rock – Yeah Yeah
9. Darker Shades Ltd. – Trackin’ Down Jodie (Interlude)
10. Lonnie Lester – You Can’t Go
11. Andre Williams – Humpin’ Thumpin’ and Bumpin’
12. Dyke & The Blazers – You Are My Sunshine
13. Sensational Saints – How Great Thou Art
14. Stone Coal White – Free
15. Willie West & The High Society Brothers – Devil Gives Me Everything
16. The Witch – Chifundo
17. L.A. Carnival – Blind Man
18. Willie Dale – Let Your Light Shine

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