Breakfast in Bed

5 Aug

Most of the music on this compilation falls within a genre known as Rocksteady, an immediate precursor to reggae. Recorded primarily at Studio One between 1964 and 1970, the music here works at a quicker tempo and features a more prominent horn section than most reggae standards. Rocksteady also bears the unmistakable influence of Motown–you’ll recognize a few interesting soul covers, plus an instrumental “Hey Joe” and an unlikely homage to Dusty Springfield. (Hint: check the mix title and the photo above.) I’ve included some well-known musicians–Alton Ellis, Phyllis Dillon, Desmond Dekker–and many artists who’ve been lost to obscurity.

Track List:
1. Dave Barker – Hot Line (Intro)
2. Ken Boothe – You Keep Me Hanging On
3. Phyllis Dillon – Picture on the Wall
4. Dave & Ansel Collins – My Best Girl
5. Alton Ellis – These Eyes
6. Carlton & The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away
7. Denise Darlington – War No Right
8. Dennis Brown – Things in Life
9. Alton Ellis – Rocksteady
10. John Holt & The Paragons – I’ve Got To Get Away
11. Winston Wright – Road Block
12. Prince Far I – Johnny Get Worse
13. Dave & Ansel Collins – Double Barrel
14. Jennifer Lara – Consider Me
15. Desmond Dekker – Fu Man Chu
16. Dennis Brown – Westbound Train
17. Stranger Cole – These Eyes (Crying Every Night)
18. Dave & Ansel Collins – Stalag 17
19. The Heptones – I Need A Fat Girl
20. Tonettes – I’ll Give it to You
21. I-Roy – Make Love
22. Alton Ellis – Joy in the Morning (Feat. The Gaylads)
23. Lorna Bennett – Breakfast in Bed

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